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COME - Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises


The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce’s COME project (1.3.2016-31.8.2018) aimed in enhancing companies’ abilities and capabilities to recruit international talent, manage multicultural working environment and improve business prospects in a global market.

COME project offered free counselling services to employers in questions related to international workforce and provided guidance in finding the right authorities and relevant public and private services. Employer counselling services continue after COME project’s end as a part of International House Helsinki services.

COME coordinated EntryPoint Mentoring Programme that was organised in cooperation with companies and region’s higher education institutions. The aim of EntryPoint was to improve the networks between companies and international students and recent graduates in Finland by creating mutually beneficial partnership between mentor and mentee. EntryPoint will continue in autumn 2018 with EntryPoint with Startups and Scaleups Programme. The new EntryPoint Programme is organised in cooperation with City of Espoo and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

At Work in Finland – International House Helsinki

COME project was part of At Work in Finland project, which focused on work-related immigration to the metropolitan area, on harnessing international talents for companies and on helping immigrants to get into the labour market.

The project was run by the city of Helsinki in association with the cities of Espoo and Vantaa, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK), Moniheli Network of Multicultural Associations and The Finnish Labour Administration.

The project brought together authorities, employers, professional networks and service providers that promote the integration and employment of immigrants and encourage companies in internationalization. The aim was to build a new partnership model between the public, private and third sectors.

One of the main goals of the At Work in Finland project was to establish International House Helsinki (IHH). IHH pilot phase started in December 2017. IHH gathers most of international labour related services and service providers into a “one stop shop” facilitating counselling services for immigrants, authorities and employers.

At Work in Finland project was financed by the European Social Fund.