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Foreign trade documents

Certificate of Origin of European Union and ATA Carnet

Chambers of Commerce are issuing foreign trade documents such a Certificate of Origin of European Union and ATA Carnet.

Certificate of Origin is applied through – service or by filling in the application form on the site of Finland Chamber of Commerce and contact your local Chamber of Commerce. ATA Carnet document is applied through

What documents are confirmed?

Frequently foreign parties in trade might request a company to certify a document at a Chamber of Commerce. Usually this request is related to routines in foreign trade. The most usual documents certified at the Chamber are invoices, cargo and tariff lists and other certificates.

Through granting a certification for a document, the Chamber ensures that the matters appearing on the document are truthful. This might require, if needed, additional enquiries on the matters in the document.

Often documents need to be ‘officially proven to be correct’. In the case of a private document, the signature will be certified correct by a public notary at the Magistrate’s Office.

Important changes to Certificate of Origin processes 

Finnish Chamber of Commerce joins International Chamber of Commerce’s CO Accreditation Chain, which ensures that Chamber of Commerce are providing services of the utmost quality in implementing transparent and accountable verification procedures. Membership of CO Chain will bring changes to procedures to prove origin.

Release: ICC CO Chain membership

Instruction to prove the origin of goods from 1.1.2019

Appendix declaration of origin

Declaration of the supply chain


The Finnish chamber of commerce will gradually start using th Certificate of Origin of European Union. Certificate of Origin of European Community can be used until 1st of May 2019. 
Please read more from release.

Price list 1.1.2019