All our services at a glance

All our services at a glance

Knowledge and connections

Competence and innovation are the basis of a company’s success. Our services are based on up-to-date information, flexible activity and vast connections. 

Success in business requires good connections at both a local and international level. The Chamber is an open and cooperative partner for businesses and public corporations – our networks help develop companies.

The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce provides a wide variety of services and publications for its members. Each year, the Chamber organizes numerous seminars and publishes several books focusing on current issues of the evolving business world. Members also receive a fortnightly newsletter from the Chamber.

The advice provided by our lawyers covers such areas as labor, company, tax and contract law. Members can also benefit from advice on accounting and financial management.

The Chamber is authorized to issue and endorse documents related to foreign trade, such as ATA Carnets. ICC model contracts are available from our customer service desk.

The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce serves as an escrow agent for the deposition of software source codes.

We link companies together by organizing a number of initiatives, such as the Business Security project for SMEs.

The Chamber leaders’ clubs offer members a trusted network to share knowledge and ideas with other leaders.

The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce is one of the owners of the Helsinki Business College.

 Services in nutshell:

• Advising in legal matters 
• Seminars
• Publications
• Chamber news (only in Finnish)
• Member newsletter (only in Finnish)
• Foreign trade documents
• Escrow agent
• Projects
• Chamber info (only in Finnish)
• Networking – Chamber net (only in Finnish)
• Leaders clubs