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Deposit of the source code

Source code escrow is the deposit of the source code of software with a third party escrow agent. The conditions under which the source code may be released to the client are agreed upon in the escrow agreement. The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce (HRCC) model contracts are available in Finnish and English.

The software provider and the client are first advised to form a common view of the escrow agreement on the basis of the model contracts and then submit the contract for the approval of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.

When all the three parties have signed the agreement, the source code can be deposited in the bank vault of the Chamber of Commerce.



1. The HRCC model escrow contract may be downloaded from our website.

2. The software provider and the client shall negotiate on possible modifications to the model contract and indicate them with a different font style.

3. The draft escrow agreement shall be sent to one of the following addresses:
Kati Mattinen kati.mattinen(at) or Reetta Riihimäki reetta.riihimaki(at)

4. After HRCC has approved the agreement, the software provider and the client may sign the agreement in triplicate and send them to the Chamber.

5. After HRCC has returned the signed agreements to the parties, the source code may be delivered to the Chamber. 



6. The service provider shall deposit the material agreed upon to the Chamber of Commerce within fourteen days from when the agreement came into force (signature). The material shall be delivered by mail or by courier to the address: Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Escrow Service, Kalevankatu 12, 00100 Helsinki.

7. The material shall be delivered in a sealed package and include the confirmed material saved on a CD, diskette, magnetic tape or other machine readable medium. Unless otherwise agreed the size of the package may not exceed the following measurements: 35 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm.

8. When depositing the material, the Chamber of Commerce must be provided with a written statement including the following information:

Parties to the agreement
Date of signature of the agreement
Date of deposit of the material
Identification of the material to be deposited.
In addition the package shall contain the names of the parties and the date of packing.

9. The Chamber of Commerce shall confirm the receipt of the material to the parties within seven days from the deposit of the material with the Chamber of Commerce.


Updated material

10. If the software provider delivers the licensee a modification or an updated version of the programme, the material including the modification shall be delivered to the Chamber of Commerce within thirty days from the delivery of the modification to the licensee. Previous points 6 and 9 are otherwise applicable to the updating of the material.