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Working and living in Finland

As always when moving to a foreign country to work and live, practicalities rise as questions. Do I need an insurance, working permit or visa and where to get them from? What form of housing is available in Helsinki? How is social security dealt with in Finland? How does taxation work? Are there international schools? These and many other questions are answered in the following links:

  • COME - Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises  assists companies in questions on international work environment and multicultural workforce. They are a part of Helsinki-run project At Work in Finland, which focuses on work-related immigration. Their Mentoring Programme, Entry Point, helps international talents to transition to working life in Finland.

  • International House Helsinki  was established as a part of At Work in Finland -project. It gathers all foreign labour related services from different service providers into one. They facilitate counceling services for immigrants, authorities and employers.

  • Your countries’ Embassy  The foreign missions serve as an individual country’s representation, and are able to aid citizens in issues such as passports, visa applications, etc.

  • Kela – Social Insurance Institution of Finland  is supervised by the Finnish Parliament. They are responsible for citizen’s benefits, such as unemployment benefits, student’s study grants, parental allowances, national pensions.

  • Finnish Tax Administration  gives guidance regarding taxation for businesses and individuals. They have detailed guides for varying situations for internationals working and living in Finland for extended periods of time.

  • Expat-Finland  A database with information on many issues that might interest someone moving to Finland: schools, housing, employment, events and much more.

  • Ministry of Labour  The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is reponsible for labour legistlation, employment and integration. They also account for the promotion and regulation of business activities, enterprise financing, the energy market and competition and consumers.

  •  An info bank with most important information concerning living and working in Finland, available in 12 different languages, including Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian and French.