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How can my company access the Swiss Market?

Switzerland ranks as the most competitive nation in the world, followed by the United States and Singapore. Reliable and reasonable politics, a wide-spread awareness that average is not sufficient, a trustful relationship between employees and employers, first-class infrastructure and education system are the basis of Switzerland’s top ranking.

Serbia has many business opportunities for Finnish companies

If Finnish companies wish a green-field investment in Serbia, they would find there an attractive location, competitive operating costs, high-speed internet and lot of young and highly educated professionals, fluent in English. Also, there are many financial benefits and incentives for investors prepared by the Government and municipalities.

Brazil under transformation

Brazil has faced several political and economic challenges. Now the economy is expected to grow after 3 years of recession. The government is prioritizing resumption of growth and reduction of unemployment Reforms and privatization programs will offer companies business opportunities in the coming years.