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Acquiring a nordic business

From a global point of view, Europe seems to be a puzzle whose pieces are difficult to put together and which are constantly changing, sometimes disappearing altogether. This view applies not only to business executives who think in terms of markets, but to lawyers as well who are supposed to think in terms of jurisdictions.

Malta – A Vibrant Smart Economy Open for Business

The quest for a creative and innovative cost- competitive hub and profitability in a stable social and industrial climate. These have been some of the major underlying motives wherefore innovative companies of reputable standing have opted to set up an operational base in Malta producing for international brand names.

EntryPoint Mentoring expands to startup scene

The benefits of mentoring in personal and career development are well documented. Mentoring can be also used as a tool for developing business and help startups and growth companies to identify untapped potential.

Economic outlook of Estonia today – and what are the prospects for the country?

Estonia`s economic outlook and prospects are good. Economic growth continuous to be more than 3.5% of GDP. Internal economic risks (loans, inflation, current account etc.) are low. State budget is in a positive and healthy situation. Public debt continues to be by far the lowest in the European Union. The level of tax burden is less than the EU average and it will be even decreasing in the coming years. Estonia has the most competitive tax system in the OECD (0% on retained and reinvested profit) for the fifth year in a row.