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Why become a mentor at EntryPoint? One of our mentors will tell.

We are in the middle of the 2nd round of the Entry Point mentoring programme, where we have paired 27 experienced mentors to as many brilliant mentees that are navigating the Finnish job market. As we have now opened the registrations to the next session of the programme, running from January to May 2021, I (Marina Ponomareva, Program Coordinator) sat down with one of our mentors, Fabrizio Trotti to hear more about his experience and why he thinks you should also be part of EntryPoint.

Starting Your Business in Germany – Despite Covid-19

While many businesses currently struggle to keep afloat, the crisis may transform into opportunity for others: Considering a business expansion into foreign markets may sound risky, but read on to learn why this might be just the right time for your company to gain a foothold in Germany.

How EntryPoint paved my way into the Finnish job market

Moving to a new country, immersing in a new culture, learning a new language – for many people, emigrating is a long-cherished dream. But as exhilarating as it sounds, it also has its challenging sides. One of them is getting acquainted with the local working culture and job market.

EntryPoint Mentoring – cross-cultural encounters and new professional dimensions

Mentoring is a two-way partnership between a mentor and mentee - at its best both learn something new and gain new insights into the working life and career planning. Mentoring does not have to be excluded between two people from the same field of industry or the same cultural background. Cross-cultural and cross-sectoral approach to mentoring can bring new perspectives and dimensions to the partnership.