As a member of the chamber of commerce you gain access to a wide range of training courses, clubs, and professional literature and information services at a membership price. In addition you benefit from our free counseling services and can take part in free networking events. Become a member – it’s worth it!

About us

The Chamber of Commerce promotes the success of companies in the Helsinki Region.

The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce (HRCC) is one of the largest chambers of commerce based on voluntary membership in Europe. With over 7000 members, including all the leading companies in the region, HRCC works seamlessly with local stakeholders and interest groups.

The Chamber of Commerce supplies high-standard services to its members, represents the business community and lobbies for its interests. Free advisory services are a benefit of HRCC membership. The Chamber also provides a wide variety of training courses on topics of current interest.

The Chamber of Commerce has a long history of providing networking platforms for its members. The Enterprise Europe Network attached to the Chamber provides a network that reaches more than 50 countries. The Finnish chamber of commerce network collaborates with operators and other chambers in the Baltic area.

The main office of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce is located in Helsinki.


The Helsinki Region

The Helsinki Region is one of the fastest growing and most innovative areas in Europe with leading companies working closely with universities and research institutes. Finland has one of the most highly educated workforce in the world combined with a vibrant business environment, it’s no wonder Helsinki hosts some of the most preeminent startup events in Europe.

Helsinki, the pearl of the Baltic Sea, serves as a gateway between East and West. As one of the core business centers in the Baltic region, Helsinki provides flexible and efficient logistic services based on a highly functional infrastructure. There are daily flight connections to the Far East, daily train connections to St. Petersburg and Moscow, and the Port of Vuosaari is designed to adapt to the evolving requirements of global trade logistics. Commercial premises are readily available for companies launching business operations and there is plenty of affordable first-class housing for staff.

The Helsinki Region is a world-class hub for creative solutions and high technology. The Finnish innovation system is based on a strong network of companies, funding and research institutions and universities. Networking enables businesses and research units to learn from each other and invent creative solutions to complex problems together.