On this page you can find some frequently asked questions on the Chamber of Commerce.

1. What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is an organization that promotes and protects the interests of business communities. They also provide B2B networking opportunities and training in different areas of business.

2. Who finances the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is mostly financed through the membership payments but partly the financing comes from the wide range of commercial business services such as courses, training and professional literature provided for customers.

3. Do the Chambers only serve their members?

The Chambers have services meant for the general public, but there are considerable discounts available for members. Some of our events are exclusively for members only.

 4. Who are the members of the Chamber of Commerce?

The members of the Chamber of Commerce are organizations and businesses that want to be part of a strong community of businesses, ranging from small to medium-sized all the way to large corporations.

5. How to participate in the Chamber of Commerce’s activities?

Different methods to taking part in the work of the Chamber of Commerce exist. Best way to be make use of our activities is to become a member and actively participate in our events and training. By answering our surveys, you will get an opportunity to influence and make sure your voice is heard. In addition, our committees offer an excellent platform for promotion of your interests. We have committees focusing on different areas of economic life, such as; traffic, manufacturing, services and retail. Committee members get up-to-date information from the leading experts and offer their insights on their respective industries. This guarantees that our work of promoting the interests of the companies corresponds with the actual needs of the economic life.