Business Support Organizations

Business Support Organizations

When starting a business in Finland, there are several organizations that can help you navigate through the legal processes required:

• There are several organizations which can help you with financing and funding.

• The Finnish Patent and Registration Office registers companies, foundations, associations, religious communities and LEI codes. Moreover, it examines and grants patents, as well as registers utility models, trademarks and designs.

• Depending on your field of business, you may need a permit from a supervisory authority, such as Valvira.

• Helsinki Business Hub can help with finding suitable business premises in the Helsinki region – it also provides business services free of charge.

• Taxation is a vital aspect in a Finnish business environment. Regulations differ when it comes to personal taxation versus business or corporate taxation. The Finnish Tax Administration can help you with more information on taxes.

• Customs provides service for businesses when it comes to international trade, such as Finnish policies on importing and exporting. 

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The best way to start doing business in the Helsinki region is to become a member of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce (HRCC).