The Finnish economy and industries

The Finnish economy and industries

Why choose Finland as your business location?

With a stable and predictable operating environment, as well as a strong credit ranking, Finland is a good choice for international companies. It is a part of the European Union and the Schengen area with its Euro currency. 

Finland has one of the most highly educated workforces in the world. Command of the English language is very high among the population. 

Conveniently located between East and West – and with extensive fast flight connections – Finland offers a fantastic opportunity for international businesses to set up operations. It is an ideal gateway to Russia by rail that extends to St. Petersburg and beyond. And some of the fastest flight routes connect Finland to major Asian cities, such as Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong – to name only a few. 

After a few years of difficult recession, Finnish industries are starting to see growth again – from 2016 to 2017, according to Statistics Finland, manufacturing production grew by 3.4%. In 2016, the industrial production for the year was worth EUR 78 billion.

Finland among the best in the world