Foreign Trade Documents

Foreign Trade Documents

Frequently, foreign trade parties may request a company to certify a document at a Chamber of Commerce. Usually, this request is related to routines in foreign trade. Chambers of Commerce issue foreign trade documents an European Union Certificates of Origin, ATA Carnet and CPD/China-Taiwan Carnet. The documents most frequently certified by the Chamber are invoices, packing and price lists and other certificates. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce makes recommendations for export companies, Full Confidence certificates, Certificate of circumstances and other special certificates.

Certification of documents

With confirmation, the Chamber of Commerce verifies the content and existence of a particular document at the time of confirmation. The information contained in the documents shall, at the discretion of the Chamber of Commerce, provide such reports in order to convince the Chamber of Commerce of the accuracy of the information. If confirmation of the document is requested from the office of the Chamber of Commerce, there must be a copy of the document, the Chamber of Commerce needs copies of all documents to be confirmed, a photocopy is enough.

Often, documents need to be ‘officially proven to be correct’. In the case of a private document, public notary of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) will certify the signature as being correct. Foreign authorities and other entities may require that the document must be confirmed by a local Chamber of Commerce as part of the legalization process. From 15 February 2021, the new procedure will be followed for business documents requiring the confirmation of a Chamber of Commerce and the legalization of an authority. Please see more information here.

Electronic export document service through the service, the company can apply for European Union Certificates of Origin and apply for confirmation for other documents such as invoice, packaging and price lists. Documents will be sent through the service to the Chamber of Commerce of your choice, where they will be stamped electronically, the customer can print verified documents from the service. The use of the service is free of charge, fees for the foreign trade documents confirmed and issued by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce according to price list.

More information on foreign trade document regulations

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