Foreign Trade Documents

Chambers of Commerce issue foreign trade documents, such as the European Union Certificate of Origin and an ATA Carnet.

The Certificate of Origin can be obtained through the electronic export document service or by contacting your local chamber of commerce.

The ATA Carnet document can be obtained through the ATA Carnet website.

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Why certify trade documents?

Frequently, foreign trade parties may request a company to certify a document at a Chamber of Commerce. Usually, this request is related to routines in foreign trade. The documents most frequently certified by the Chamber are invoices, cargo and tariff lists and other certificates.

By certifying a document, the chamber ensures that the matters appearing in the document are truthful. This might require, if needed, additional enquiries on the matters in the document.

Often, documents need to be ‘officially proven to be correct’. In the case of a private document, a public notary at the Magistrate’s Office will certify the signature as being correct. More information on foreign trade documents is given by our documentation counsels.