FinnCham and Trade Associations

FinnCham and Trade Associations

Our Extended Network

The Finnish Chambers of Commerce and their international FinnCham network create important global connections for Finnish businesses.

We promote internationalization, clear trade obstacles, influence international agreement systems and support investment initiatives made by enterprises. Our networks reach around the world. In addition, the Chambers of Commerce provide companies the documentation necessary for foreign trade.

The Contact Finland directory gives all the information needed for foreign companies and investors wanting to establish themselves in Finland.

The FinnCham Network

The internationalization of Finnish companies requires constant work, which the FinnCham network offers an excellent channel for. The global FinnCham network connects trade associations, Chambers of Commerce and guilds to encourage internationalization and promote the export efforts of Finnish companies. The network reaches from China to Korea, Africa to Argentina and America. It establishes contacts between Finnish companies operating out of the country and Finnish companies that are going abroad, opens doors and strengthens economic relations with various nations.

Via the FinnCham network, a strong image of Finland is created worldwide, and business contacts are established in target countries. The network also serves as a bridge from the rest of the world to Finland and helps foreign companies acquire contacts here.

Trade Associations

Trade associations work to promote the internationalization of Finnish companies and their exports. The main purpose of trade associations is to create business contacts between companies in Finland and companies in the target market countries. Any trade association operating under the chambers of commerce are part of the FinnCham network. 

The global FinnCham network opens doors internationally for Finnish companies. With its new operating concept, FinnCham’s Team Finland approach offers a range of internationalization and export services, especially for SMEs.  


Anne Hatanpää
Liaison Manager, International Affairs
Finland Chamber of Commerce
Tel. +358 9 4242 6261

Jenni Isola
Adviser, International Affairs, Trade Associations
Finland Chamber of Commerce
Tel. + 358 45 126 7343