Promotion of Interests

Promotion of Interests

We make sure your voice is heard

Our mission at the Chamber is to enable successful business for companies in the Helsinki region. We aim for this region to provide the local business community a favorable environment for their entrepreneurial endeavors. We are the largest Chamber of Commerce in the Nordic region, with more than 7,000 member companies representing a variety of business sectors.

Active dialogue with policymakers allows for effective promotion of local business interests. We promote for efficient public service production and increased customer orientation. Key points of local interests include:

  • Land use and city planning
  • Transportation networks
  • Securing the supply of competent labor force

Land use and city planning, at their best, support the growth of the region, competitiveness of companies, housing development and smooth flow of traffic. Sufficient housing development plays an important role in securing both current and future labor supply to the region.

Improving the local transportation network is needed to facilitate a smooth flow of transport, an increase in logistical efficiency and to ensure seamless foreign trade. Improving cross-border traffic in the region is key for both commute and business travel. Securing labor supply and ensuring a proficient workforce supports the growth of local companies.

Promotion of Interests

Markku Lahtinen Director, Advocacy

+358 50 571 3564

Tiina Pasuri Senior Advisor, Land Use and Transportation

+358 50 62 905

Saija Äikäs Director, Espoo office

+358 50 492 5854



Riikka Vataja Senior Advisor, Eduction

+358 40 536 0954

Reino Meriläinen Director, Vantaa office

+358 45 7820 6702