Corporate responsibility and value

The globalization of business and the influence of social media underline the importance of corporate responsibility in business.

The Chamber of Commerce:

  • influences the policies for the next legislature to reduce the administrative burden on businesses
  • keeps up public debate on the social and regional importance of entrepreneurship
  • organizes training and co-operation for members of corporate boards
  • promotes gender equality in companies through the Chamber of Women in Leadership
  • communicates to companies the potential of a multicultural and foreign workforce to develop skills, work communities and competitiveness

Climate change and other environmental risks are not only a challenge for companies but also new business opportunities. In particular, implementing a circular economy will open up new opportunities for businesses to increase their business efficiency and increase their cost efficiency.

The Chamber of Commerce:

  • monitors legislative developments and changes in the operating environment
  • organizes events for member companies related to the circular economy

The importance of cyber security and accessibility of information networks is emphasized in business. Businesses are also posed with by entirely new threats such as hybrid ones.

The Chamber of Commerce:

  • considers the development of corporate cyber security as a priority
  • trains companies on the guidelines of the EU Data Protection Regulation
  • co-pilots, with regional government authorities, a regional security course for companies on hybrid threats
  • promotes responsible business and good governance to its members and highlights the resulting competitive advantages and risk management
  • organizes corporate security seminars for member firms on current topics

More information:

Markku Lahtinen Director

050 571 3564

Saija Äikäs Director, Espoo office

050 492 5854