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A hundred years of Finnish Chamber work

The first Chamber of Commerce in the world was established in 1599 in the harbor city of Marseilles, when merchants decided to fight back together against pirates.

In Finland, the Chamber of Commerce has operated from the start of the country’s independence. The combination of many diverse trades and forms of activity made the Chamber unique at the time - and still does today.

In the autumn of 1917, the Chambers of Commerce were founded in Helsinki, Turku and Vaasa, and at the beginning of 1918 in Tampere, Viipuri, Kuopio and Oulu, as well as the Finland Chamber of Commerce.

_300_AugustRamsay_EeroJarnefelt_netti.jpgState Councillor August Ramsay, who worked for the establishment of the Chambers of Commerce in Finland. He was the Chairman of the Helsinki Chamber of Commerce from 1917 to 1927.