Important changes to Certificate of Origin processes

Changes to procedures starting from 1.1.2019 and Certificate of origin forms will change gradually.

Finnish Chamber of Commerce joins International Chamber of Commerce’s CO Accreditation Chain, which ensures that Chamber of Commerce are providing services of the utmost quality in implementing transparent and accountable verification procedures. Membership of CO Chain will bring changes to procedures to prove origin.

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The Finnish chamber of commerce will gradually start using th Certificate of Origin of European Union. Certificate of Origin of European Community can be used until 1st of May 2019.

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We organize three free of charge events in finnish, please see more information below. Training material is provided later also in english. You can participate in event in Helsinki region Chamber of Commerce’s event venue or online via live stream (live stream links will be provided to enrolled participants before the event).

Tietoisku ulkomaankaupan asiakirjat 22.11.2018

Tietoisku ulkomaankaupan asiakirjat – live stream 22.11.2018 »

Tietoisku ulkomaankaupan asiakirjat 13.12.2018 »

Tietoisku ulkomaankaupan asiakirjat – live stream 13.12.2018

Alkuperätodistusprosessi muuttuu ja helpottaa vientiä

Alkuperätodistusprosessi muuttuu ja helpottaa vientiä

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