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EntryPoint Mentoring Programme with Startups and Scaleups

For internationalisation of Finnish enterprises

For integration of highly educated immigrants


EntryPoint is a cross-cultural mentoring partnership aimed at improving the integration of highly-educated immigrants, organized by Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. Since 2016, EntryPoint mentoring has a proven track-record in Helsinki Metropolitan area with 226 participants from 45 different ethnical backgrounds. EntryPoint's 113 mentors are from a wide-range of professions including various business fields, such as KONE, Nokia, Wärtsilä, academia and public sector, such as Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

EntryPoint is acknowledged as Good Practice International and previous participants have given high scores in feedback surveys.

Become a Mentor/ Mentee and make the most of it!

Do you want to enhance your company’s talent attraction strategy, go beyond boundaries, get inspired and gain new insights? We invite you to EntryPoint Startups and Scaleups Programme, a cross-cultural mentoring partnership, where you get to meet and network with international talents interested in startup scene. EntryPoint has no enrolment fee and participants have no obligation to offer employment to mentees. The number of participants is limited, maximum of 40 participants will be accepted to EntryPoint Mentoring Programme.

Likewise, we invite international talents who are looking for an opportunity to get a foot in the door of professional life and expand your professional networks in Finland. EntryPoint Startups and Scaleups is organized by Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with City of Espoo and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Talent Boost).

  • Who (Mentor): Startup and fast growing companies in Espoo
  • Who (Mentee): International talents interested in startups and growing companies
  • What: Cross-cultural mentoring partnership connecting professionals and talents with international mindset
  • When: October 2018 - January 2019
  • How: Apply now! Application period is open until September 14th, 2018

    Apply here to become mentor!

    Apply here to become a mentee!


  • Why: Collective learning opportunity: multidisciplinary, intergenerational and cross-cultural learning trajectory
    - Enhancing talent attraction strategy: mentors will be paired with a promising talent
    - Promoting a better understanding of the needs and expectations of future employees
    - Going beyond your boundary, gaining new insights and getting inspred by other participants
    - Your feedback will be collected by the organisers for the development of services and suport related to international talents and internationalisation of Finnish business


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