Kauppakamarin jäsenenä saat monipuoliset koulutukset, klubit, ammattikirjat ja tietopalvelut jäsenetuhintaan. Lisäksi voit hyödyntää maksutta neuvontapalveluitamme sekä osallistua maksuttomiin verkostoitumistapahtumiin. Liity jäseneksi - Jäsenyys kannattaa!

Become a mentee

People spend quite a lot of energy finding a mentor because they were told they are supposed to. But finding one is only the first step and does not have to be an endgame. It is an ongoing process  that consists of relationship building and self-reflection.

EntryPoint helps international talents increase self-awareness and boost confidence in order to reach their full potential. By taking part in the EntryPoint program as a mentee, you will meet and connect with business or academia professionals, learn first-hand about the Finnish working life and understand what a hiring process looks like. While the program promotes networking and ways how you can establish yourself in the Finnish job market, its purpose is not to offer, or guarantee, mentees’ employment.


Rewards of being a mentee

This is a chance to build/expand your professional network, diving straight into meaningful conversations about specifics of the Finnish working culture. You will also gain more self-awareness and other relevant knowledge to navigate your career story. In addition, during the mentoring process, you can share your international know-how with your mentor.

As an EntryPoint mentee you:

  • can build/expand your professional network in Finland and learn about the Finnish job market,
  • will identity your strengths and acquire information how to strategize about your career planning,
  • will get to work on your job searching skills.

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Who can be an EntryPoint mentee?

Mentees must be international degree students, recent graduates from higher education institutions, or anyone who has graduated with a higher education degree somewhere else and moved to Finland. The mentoring program is based on voluntary participation, and there is no enrolment fee. Mentees must be fluent in English.

What are the qualities that make a good mentee?

  • Dedicated international talents who seek better integration into the Finnish society by building/expanding their professional networks in Finland,
  • Committed participants in both mentoring one-to-one and collective meetings, 
  • Active questioners and listeners who desire to better understand Finland and Finnish professional life,
  • Creative and collaborative talents who pursue growth in both personal and professional life,
  • International talents who desire to add value to internationalization in Finland by means of sharing own local knowledge with others,
  • Potential future leaders who will turn challenges into opportunities.

Your main role as a mentee is to:

  • Give as much as you get,
  • Know your needs, be committed and accountable of yourself and other
  • Share your own experiences on your home country’s markets and business cultures with mentors,
  • Attend all agreed meetings.

How long will the commitment take?

The time commitment from mentees is around 15-21 hours over a 5-month period. It is recommended that mentor and mentee meet one-to-one at least 5 times. In addition, there will be 4 collective meetings with all the mentors and mentees.

EntryPoint’s aim is not to provide, or guarantee, employment for mentees. The mentoring program is a journey, not destination.


Marina Ponomareva
Talent Expert, Chamber Talent Boost project
+358 40 675 38 52