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Become a mentor

Being a mentor is an important job. It must be since “get a mentor” is very common advice. Yet, how often do we talk about what mentors get out of the deal? 

EntryPoint helps professionals meet and connect with international talents in the Helsinki Metropolitan region. By taking part in the EntryPoint program as a mentor, you will also learn how to improve your company’s internationalization process. While the program enables mentees to network and figure out how they can establish themselves in the Finnish job market, mentors are under no obligation to employ mentees.

You will pick up concepts of mentoring and coaching, sharpen your cross-cultural communication skills, and identify new capabilities and strengths. You will also get a mentee’s perspective (such as their thoughts and concerns regarding the Finnish business life), with a possibility to exchange international know-how.


Rewards of being a mentor

Acting as a mentor indicates a level of experience, maturity and emotional intelligence that is not instantly acquired. In other words, you have reached a milestone in your career when you know more than you think you do and when someone wants to know your opinion.
Most importantly, you will empower a talented expat to succeed and enhance your own professional development by investing into your mentoring relationship.

As an EntryPoint mentor you:

  • will connect with diverse international talents,
  • will have access to new professional contacts and opportunities,
  • will learn about different working cultures, international business and markets,
  • will challenge yourself and increase your self-awareness,
  • can receive support to develop your mentoring and coaching skills,
  • can learn about ways to advance your company’s internationalization process,
  • can promote your company and its brand among expats,
  • can share your expertise and insights with a motivated individual,
  • can strengthen your cross-cultural communication skills.


Who can be an EntryPoint mentor?

EntryPoint mentors are required to have at least 3 years of relevant working experience in Finland. Mentors can be, for example, team leaders, experts, managers or senior executives with practical knowledge of people management. The program is open to all professionals regardless of the industry. Mentors must be fluent in English.

The mentoring program is based on voluntary participation: there is no enrolment fee, and participation does not require companies to recruit mentees.

What are the qualities that make a good mentor?

  • Readiness to take part in mentoring and collective meetings,
  • Enthusiasm to share knowledge, expertise, know-how and time,
  • Reflective listening and empathy,
  • Eagerness to be part of someone else’s success and invest in others, 
  • Readiness to guide a mentee with advice and support,
  • Ability to give honest and direct feedback,
  • Openness to learn from mentees and other mentors,
  • Willingness to cultivate cross-cultural competencies as well as leadership, coaching and multicultural communication skills.

Your main role is to support mentees as follows:

  • in developing their professional network in Finland,
  • by sharing their knowledge and experience on the Finnish working life, work culture and job search strategies,
  • by listening and offering advice on career-related matters.

How long will the commitment take?

The time commitment from mentors is around 15-21 hours over a 5-month period. It is recommended that mentor and mentee meet one-to-one at least 5 times. In addition, there will be 4 collective meetings with all the mentors and mentees.


Marina Ponomareva
Talent Expert, Chamber Talent Boost project
+358 40 675 38 52